Cristian Upah Obituary, Cedar Rapids Iowa Shooting Victim Identified As 17-Year-Old Teenager

Cristian Upah Obituary, Death – Cristian Upah, 17, of Marion, was shot and died Wednesday night in northeast Cedar Rapids. At 10:09 p.m. Wednesday, Cedar Rapids police found Upah shot in the upper chest in the 3500 block of Oakland Road NE. He died in hospital.

CJ, the boy, was excited to graduate high school and start working, according to a GoFundMe campaign launched Thursday by his family. He wanted to see the “Pawn Stars” pawnshop in Las Vegas. “CJ is a bundle of joy, making everyone smile with every word. His glitter brightened a room and lifted any bad attitude. He smiled contagiously. He was a joyful boy. The GoFundMe says he was courteous and grateful to everyone.

The fundraising campaign raised $2,300 by Friday afternoon. According to his father, Jason Upah, a teen friend launched the page. His dad stated the proceeds will go toward a Cristian memorial.
According to his dad, Cristian played and watched football. High school brought him close relationships and academic success. “He excelled in math, algebra, whatever. Jason Upah said that was his strength. “He loved computers. He taught me to use my phone.” Wednesday night 911 callers reported a disturbance and gunshot.

Maria Varroso, who lives two homes down from where the youngster was shot, claimed she heard no fighting Wednesday while watching TV loudly. She heard the gunshot. She refused to appear. She heard police cars 10 minutes later. The shooting’s neighbor, Tracy Languth, phoned 911. He heard the shot when his dogs started barking inside his house. He yelled, swore, and asked several youngsters outside what was going on. After phoning the police, most of the teens left by the time Languth arrived.

He witnessed a car halt after hitting a curb. He observed Upah struggling to sit up in his neighbor’s driveway and a couple of teenage girls conversing on their phones. Languth hesitated to help, but the cops arrived and began CPR. Due to auto burglaries, Languth had been considering installing surveillance cameras at his home, but now he will. “This is the first thing like this around here,” he remarked. Nearby Tom Wardell concurred. He has lived at his house for 45 years and has never seen anything like this in the region.

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