Coachella Valley High School Lockdown, Shelter-In-Place While Deputies Search For Suspect

Coachella Valley High School Lockdown, Due to the presence of police operations in the surrounding region, officials have confirmed that the campus of Coachella Valley High School has been placed in a shelter-in-place position.

This decision was made because of the danger posed by the situation. At 12:25 p.m., the Coachella Valley Unified School District provided confirmation to News Channel 3 that a shelter-in-place policy has been instituted at the school. As of one o’clock in the afternoon, the school has not yet exited the SIP status. The method known as “sheltering in place” is not the same thing as a “lockdown.” During a SIP, there is no immediate threat to the school; however, there is an incident that is located close enough to the campus to imply that caution should be used. Students are still huddled together inside a classroom, and it is strictly forbidden for them to leave the school in the meanwhile.

Following a pursuit that took place in the area of Van Buren Drive and Airport Boulevard, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office has said that deputies are looking for a suspect who ran away on foot during the incident. The incident occurred in the region of Van Buren Drive and Airport Boulevard.

A perimeter was established around the area in an attempt to locate the suspect; however, the man was not found after the search was conducted. It was not at the direction of the Sheriff’s Office, but rather out of an abundance of caution, according to a spokesman for the agency, who indicated that CVHS placed its pupils in a shelter-in-place position.

This was mentioned by the individual who stated that the CVHS placed its kids in the situation. An RSO spokesman stated that the investigation is still ongoing and that there was no additional information that could be provided at this time. Watch News Channel 3 regularly to stay up to date on any breaking news.

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