Cliff Kerr Obituary, Longtime Member Of Sale Bowls Club Has Died

Cliff Kerr Obituary, Death – When I found out that Cliff Kerr had passed away, it came as a total surprise to me, and the news left me with a terrible feeling in my stomach. Cliff had been a part of the Sale Bowls Club for a considerable amount of time, and at one point in the past, he even served as the president of the organization.

He held a number of different positions within the club, all of which enabled him to be of significant assistance to the organization in a number of different ways. He was also a very active member of the club. We are going to miss having him here with us since it has been a wonderful experience overall having him here with us.

After hearing this information, it has left me feeling really upset since I can’t help but think about how difficult it will be for his poor wife to deal with the stress of their moving away. This makes me feel a lot of sadness inside. RIP.

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