Christopher Wood Obituary, Gainesville Georgia 2 Men Electrocuted During Substation Break-In Has Died

Christopher Wood Obituary, Death – On Monday, two guys from northeast Georgia were killed after they attempted to break into a power company substation and were electrocuted instead. According to reports from various news outlets, the fatalities occurred before morning at a Georgia Power Co. substation located in an industrial area to the south of the city of Gainesville.

The deceased were named as Shane Joseph Long, age 45, and Christopher Blair Wood, age 44, both of Gainesville, by the Deputy Coroner for Hall County, Kevin Wetzel, who spoke to the local news sources. Autopsies are currently being performed on their bodies.

The two males are said to have broken into a fenced area and been trying to steal something, likely copper wiring, when they were slain, according to the Gainesville Police Department. Emergency responders were dispatched to the scene of an explosion and potential fire, but they were unable to retrieve the bodies for several hours due to the threat that the electricity posed. According to Pap Datta, proprietor of the adjacent Liquid Nation Brewing, who spoke with The Times of Gainesville, the substation is surrounded by a high fence and has clear signage.

Datta stated, “I’m not sure what they were trying to steal,” in response to the question. “I’m going to guess that one of the officers found a backpack in that location and that it’s one of theirs because they collected it. And, if you think about it, how much could they have gotten away with, maybe a couple of hundred dollars worth of goods? And only one life was sacrificed because of that? It is a pity. It’s very upsetting to think about.


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