Chicago Shooting Today, Albany Park Shooting Kills 15-Year-Old Boy, Injures Man

Chicago Shooting Today, The Chicago Police Department reports that a shooting that took place on the Northwest Side of the city on Tuesday evening resulted in the death of a teenage boy and injured a man.

The shooting took place on the same block where the incident took place. It was reported that the incident took place on the 3500 block of West Leland Avenue in the Albany Park area approximately half an hour before 6:30 o’clock in the evening. When the police arrived at the scene of the shooting in response to a complaint about a person who had been shot, they discovered two victims: a juvenile kid of 15 years old and an adult male of 27 years old. When the bodies of the victims were discovered, it was discovered that both of them had been shot.

The young man, who had been shot in the torso, was taken to Illinois Masonic Hospital, where he was eventually pronounced dead after being treated for his injuries, as reported by the police. The young man had been transferred there after being shot. The person who was shot in the buttocks was transferred to the same hospital, and his condition is currently being described as “fair” at the institution where he is being treated for his injuries.

After the shots were fired, a witness reported to the police that a large group of persons, all of whom were only known to be male, ran away from the site on foot. All of the individuals were only identified as being male. According to the information provided, every single person was a guy.

However, the inquiry into what happened in Area Five is still proceeding despite the fact that the detectives assigned to that area have not been able to successfully catch anyone. In the short amount of time that passed between the time the event occurred and its immediate aftermath, the police did not release any additional details.

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