Chessie Netka Obituary, Long-Time Member Of The Parish Has Died

Chessie Netka Obituary, Death- Chessie Netka was a long-time parishioner who was selected for the role of Parish Secretary in the year 1972 and continued to serve in that capacity until somewhere around the year 1992.

Her tenure in government began in 1972 and continued all the way through 1992. It is with a heavy heart that we have to break the terrible news to you that she has passed away, but we have no choice in the matter. The following is a list of the services that are offered to clients as options for them to select from: Following the Rosary Vigil that will be held on May 25 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, there will be a visitation for those who desire to offer their respects. Those who are interested can find more information here.

The first prayer of the Rosary is set to be recited at approximately 6:30 o’clock in the evening. A Mass will be held at Holy Family on the morning of May 26 at ten o’clock in the morning as part of the activities that are going to take place as part of the All Souls Mortuary Requiem. Holy Family will be the location that plays host to the Mass.

After the conclusion of the service, there will be a burial in private, and then not long after that, there will be a gathering for the departed person’s immediate family members and close friends. During the course of the mass, we are going to have a discussion that is more in-depth on the subject at hand. It is my most honest hope that the Lord would provide everlasting peace not just to her soul, but also to the souls of all the noble people who have been laid to rest before us. I know that they are all looking down on us and smiling.

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