Charlotte Ostman Obituary, CEO Of MHAWestchester Has Died

Charlotte Ostman Obituary, Death-  When we heard of Charlotte Ostman’s passing, our hearts were crushed with sorrow. MHA Westchester was led by her as its Chief Executive Officer throughout her tenure there.

My hope is that the news of her passing will inspire others to honor her memory and continue the important job she began. Our dearly loved Chief Executive Officer, Charlotte Ostman, passed away recently, and it is with a heavy heart that we at the Mental Health Association of Westchester share the news with you. The loss of Charlotte Ostman will be deeply felt. Charlotte has been the head of MHA for the past six years, during which time she has held this position.

due to her wholehearted dedication to the work, her compassion, and her connection to the individuals we support as well as to our staff, during this time period, the organization and the community as a whole have grown to admire and enjoy her. This is due to her connection to the people we aid as well as to our team. Because she is a strong and strategic leader who has never lost sight of our fundamental ideals, which concentrate on respect and decency, we hold her in the highest regard. This is one of the reasons why we respect and admire her so much.

Because of her passion, her vast vision, her enthusiasm for innovation, and her application of cutting-edge technology to attain ever-increasing levels of excellence in all that she did, Charlotte will be greatly missed by all of us. Those who had the good fortune to know her and work with her will greatly miss her intuitive ability to recognize the strengths that others possess and her passion for directing others toward the areas of endeavor in which they will prosper. Those who did not have those opportunities will sorely miss her intuitive ability to identify the strengths that others possess. We are going to keep making strides in the direction of achieving our goal and delivering exceptional service to the people who live in our neighborhood.

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