Charlie Cowing Obituary, Cape Cod Maple Park Campground and RV Park Pays Tribute To Charlie Cowing

Charlie Cowing Obituary, Death – We are really saddened to inform you that our dearly loved Mr. Charlie died away peacefully at his home in Whitman early on Friday morning. Charlie Cowing had been a seasonal camper as well as a member of the staff at Maple Park for a significant amount of time, making him a well-known face in the area. A good many of you will recall Charlie’s pleasant demeanor as a greeter and gate attendant.

It was a highlight of Charlie’s day to meet new campers and share stories about Maple Park. Everyone was aware of the fact that Charlie adored Maple Park. At MP, Charlie worked in many different departments, including housekeeping and maintenance. During many of those years, Charlie conducted his business out of his “blue bomber” while Carol, his wife, and Lucy, their golden dog, followed him. Charlie Cowing was said to have the most endearing laugh, the most gentle smile, and the most witty demeanor. Charlie will be greatly missed by a very large number of people. In your prayers and thoughts, please remember Charlie’s family and friends. Feel free to reminisce about your favorite moments with Charlie in the comments section.

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