Bud Lucas Obituary, Pine Grove PA, Bud Lucas Has Sadly Passed Away

Bud Lucas Obituary, Death – I was given some information this morning that no one likes to hear, and it was one of those things. That much I can guarantee. Someone who had a special place in your heart and with whom you had nearly daily discussions has passed away. You will miss this person very much. They are going to be greatly missed by you.

You were one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, and you had a gift for saying the weirdest things, which made it impossible not to laugh at what you were saying. Because of this talent, you were one of the funniest people I’ve ever come across. There were other times when the two of us ended up laughing so hard at something that we ended up crying from our facial expressions. The tears that were shed today were loaded with a significantly greater amount of agony than they were yesterday.

It has been great chatting with you, pal, and I’m going to regret it when we part ways. The unfathomable agony that you were going through at the moment was belied by the dazzling smile that you were wearing. You are no longer experiencing any kind of pain in any way. Brother, I’ll be looking for you once we get to the other side of this. Make sure the beer is served at a cool temperature at all times. It’s only right that the departed Bud Lucas be allowed to rest in peace. I love you so much, friend.

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