Brian Major Obituary, Brian Major Has Sadly Passed Away

Brian Major Obituary, Death – I announce the death of someone close to me with a sorrowful heart. Those of you who knew Brian Major (maybe at one of my student parties) will recall that he was more than just a part-time job at university. Brian and I initially met in an elevator on the day I moved into my Nelson Street apartment in Ottawa.

We rapidly became friends by making fun of the “nut heads” in our building… of which there were plenty. He was familiar with all of their names and the stories that went with them. He had a wonderful sense of humour. Over the course of four years, Brian and I grew close. We fought like family because we were both stubborn, yet in the morning, we would smile at each other. He’d sometimes remain up late after a night at the pub, waiting for me to put him to bed. He liked hearing about the salsa club where I worked, but the big flight of 30+ stairs kept him from ever going in. I’ll never forget the day I nearly wrecked my back hauling him all the way up to dance with him after a few beers and wings.

Brian, you see, was a great teacher to me. The most important factor is how much money I’ve ever had in my life. Despite his rare, degenerative illness (friedriech’s ataxia), Brian refused to give up, even when his body failed. He never said no to a tequila shot, going to Bluesfest (where we always had front row seats), learning, meeting new people, or traveling around the world to places like South America or Southeast Asia. Above all, Brian taught me never to give up. He was the most stubborn and determined person I’d ever encountered. Brian, I will cherish every time I spent with you. Brian, I’m sure you’re not walking; you’re dancing. I’m sure you’re having the time of your life. Rest in peace, old friend.

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