Brian Buckley Obituary, Resident Of Kowie Cresent, Komani Park, Died At 85

Brian Buckley Obituary, Death- On Saturday, May 6, 2018, at the age of 85, Brian Joseph Buckley, who had lived in the areas of Kowie Cresent, Komani Park, and Komani for a significant amount of time, passed away in a serene and unruffled manner.

At various points in his life, he resided in each of those three cities and had a residence there. His loving wife Dawn, his children Desiree Brown, Lionel, and Chantele, his brother Kenny and Yvonne, his brother-in-law Mervin Weyer, his grandchildren Kelly-Ann & Chad, Jason & Hanneri, Calvin & Simone, and Tara, as well as his great grandchildren JT, Liam, and Miane, as well as extended family and friends, will miss and grieve him terribly. He was devoted to his family.

Everyone will experience great loss upon his passing. He was tremendously devoted to his family, which consisted of his wife and his children. A memorial service honoring Brian’s life will be held on Thursday, June 8, 2023 at 11 am in the Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King, which is located on Ebden Street in the city of Komani.

The service will be held in celebration of Brian’s life and will be held in memory of Brian. The time and date of the memorial ceremony will be held in honor of Brian. This afternoon, at a later time, there will be a memorial service held in memory of Brian. A private ceremony took conducted at Despatch before the cremation, which was also used as the venue for the event itself. The ceremony took place before the cremation.

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