Bob Maguire Obituary, Orange Sky Australia Mourns The Passing Of Father Bob Maguire

Bob Maguire Obituary, Death – Orange Sky was deeply saddened to learn of the untimely demise of Fr. Bob Maguire, a man whose contributions to the community have been tremendous and who was instrumental in the organization of our very first Melbourne service in the year 2015.

The invitation to attend the State Funeral of Fr. Bob, extended by the Fr. Bob Maguire Foundation, was a privilege that allowed us to commemorate an extraordinary life. The Melbourne volunteers Maryam and Annette, who attended the service alongside Helen (left) and Mitzi (right), spoke to us about his impact on Orange Sky as well as our friends. They can be seen in the center of the photo on the left and right, respectively.

“Right from the beginning, the Father Bob Maguire Foundation played a significant role in establishing Orange Sky in Melbourne. Our very first vehicle, Jelly Fish, was parked in front of Fr. Bob’s warehouse in South Melbourne, which was known as Peanut Farm, and it was from that location that countless hours of washing, talking, and laughter were spent. Everyone who had the opportunity to interact with Fr. Bob held a favorable opinion of him.

When he went to Peanut Farm, he would always stop by our house to say hello to our friends and provide some much-needed companionship for them while they waited for their laundry to be done or for a shower to become available. To have the opportunity to represent Orange Sky at Fr. Bob’s funeral was both a privilege and an honor. It was extremely clear how much he was loved by everyone, as evidenced by the large throng that attended his burial and all of the tears that were shed.

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