Blake Olsen Motorcycle Accident, Pipestone MN, Man Died In A Traffic Collision

Blake Olsen Motorcycle Accident, Obituary, Death – Three deadly motorcycle accidents in the Fargo area have brought the state’s total number of fatal motorcycle accidents to at least nine, surpassing the total number of such events in 2021, which was eight.

Recent fatal motorcycle accidents in the Fargo area include one on Interstate 94 just west of West Fargo on Tuesday, June 29, another on South University Drive in Fargo on Tuesday, June 26, and one on Interstate 29 on Monday, June 24. The number of fatal motorcycle accidents in North Dakota has fluctuated over the last ten years, with the lowest number being in 2015 and 2021 with a total of eight fatalities and the highest number occurring in 2020 with a total of seventeen fatalities.

In North Dakota in 2019, there were 176 motorcycle accidents, 11 of which were fatal. According to state statistics, a motorbike accident occurs every other day in the state. Motorcycle riders who did not wear helmets were responsible for 64% of fatalities that year. According to Lonnie Bertsch, executive director of ABATE of North Dakota, a nonprofit organization that promotes motorcycle rider safety across the state, motorcycle fatalities in North Dakota between 2015 and 2021 were the lowest in “a long, long time.”

However, the 17 motorcycle fatalities in 2020 were not the state’s highest ever. “We try to teach anywhere from 1,400 to 2,000 people how to ride motorcycles safely during the summer,” Bertsch says. Furthermore, Bertsch predicted that the number of motorcycles on the road this year will increase due to the high cost of gasoline, which is prompting some consumers to look for cars with the best efficiency per gallon. Adult motorcycle safety instruction, according to Bertsch, is not compulsory in North Dakota; however, such training can offer individuals with an additional margin of safety.

Helmets are important for motorcycle safety, he argues, but so are gloves, over-the-ankle foot protection, and eye protection. According to Bertsch, one piece of riding advice that should never be forgotten is that motorcyclists should always operate their bikes with the presumption that other cars cannot see them, and they should ride with the appropriate amount of caution. Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month was observed in May, and transportation officials warned motorists to be on the lookout for motorbikes, which are often smaller vehicles and can be more difficult to spot on the road.

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