Banko Brown Obituary, San Francisco California, Banko Brown Retreating When Walgreens Guard Shot Him

Banko Brown Obituary, Death- The office of the district attorney in San Francisco has just made the video that was taken during the shooting of Banko Brown public today. As Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, a security officer at Walgreens.

saw Brown running away from the store, he pulled out his gun and fired and killed Brown. The footage reveals this. DA Today, Brooke Jenkins, who had previously stated that the evidence “clearly” indicated Anthony acted in self-defense, confirmed formally that her office will not be bringing charges against Anthony. Jenkins had previously claimed that the evidence “clearly” demonstrated Anthony acted in self-defense.

Before the shooting occurs, the video shows a fight between Anthony, who is 33 years old, and Brown, who is 24 years old. During this altercation, Anthony is shown repeatedly beating the much smaller man who is suspected of shoplifting. He also puts him in a headlock and brings him to the ground after punching him with a fist. Brown, meanwhile, is held firmly in place on the ground. Brown is supposed to have lifted his arm in the direction of Anthony two seconds before he was shot after Anthony had freed him from the ground and let him grab his bag of allegedly stolen stuff.

Brown was reportedly shot after Anthony had released him from the ground and let him retrieve his bag. After then, Brown exited the building while walking backward. In the midst of Brown’s retreat, Anthony fires his firearm, presumably spitting at the security guy at the same time. Brown’s family told the police that he was 5 feet 4 inches tall, however, a police complaint claims that Anthony is 6 feet tall.

During the altercation, Anthony stated that Brown made multiple threats to knife him, which were documented in a report that was published by Jenkins on Monday and contained 25 pages. The report was made public on the day in question. The findings of the investigation indicate that witnesses were unable to produce evidence that supported the comments that they made.

According to the findings of the investigation, he was given the instruction to “actively work to retrieve or recover any stolen items” by Kingdom Protective Services Group, which was both his employer and the security organization that Walgreens had contracted to secure the shop from theft.

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