Angela Diehl Obituary, Republican Club of Southeast Volusia Mourns Angela Diehl

Angela Diehl Obituary, Death – During this Mother’s Day weekend, we are heartbroken to notify everyone that Paul and Barbara Deering have suffered a tragic loss, as one of their five children has passed away. We want to express our condolences to them and to everyone else for their loss. It is with deep sorrow that I must inform you that we will move forward in this manner.

Everyone was taken aback by Angela Diehl’s sudden departure, which was brought on by the fact that she became ill while she was at home. Her two kids and five sisters will be among the people she will be leaving behind, in addition to her parents, Paul and Barbara, who have been married for a long time. In view of the tragic misfortune that has befallen the Deering family, we humbly request that you say some prayers for them in this difficult time.

Please remember them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts. Angela is seen in several of these photographs alongside various members of her family, as well as Governor DeSantis. There are also some photographs here that only feature Angela by herself. In the pictures, she can be seen standing to the left of the camera beside her sister Christine and their father Paul. Also in the picture is their mother. Christine, her sister, is also seen in some of the images.

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