Adan Garcia Obituary, Adan Garcia Fatally Struck By 2 Vehicles On I-270 In Rockville

Adan Garcia Obituary, Death – According to the comments that were made by troopers who were present at the site, a fatal accident involving a pedestrian took occurred in the Rockville region early on Sunday morning.

The incident has prompted an investigation by the Maryland State Police (MSP).

It was reported to state police at approximately 7:50 in the morning that a person had been hit by a car on Interstate 270 south, north of Montrose Road.

The location of the incident was north of Montrose Road. It was stated that the incident took place to the north of Montrose Road in the location that was given.

Adan Morales Garcia, 40, of Germantown was identified as the pedestrian who ran into the road from the right shoulder, as stated by the law enforcement officials.

Unfortunately, Morales Garcia was killed as a result of an accident that he was involved in. It is impossible to speculate on the motivations for his actions given the information provided.

The authorities assert that a passenger vehicle driven by a Lincoln was unable to deviate from Garcia’s course of travel. After that, he was hit by a second vehicle, which turned out to be a Volkswagen sedan.

He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. He was in critical condition when he arrived at the hospital, where he was treated.

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